Kindergarten 1 Overview

Our kindergarten 1 (K1) has a well-planned curriculum that is fun, effective and engaging. As such, teachers will guide their students in a way that reinforces learned concepts while teaching new ones. Thus, your child will experience a richer understanding of various concepts that we teach. So, your child will be attentive through a variety of safe and fun learning activities. Likewise, our activities provide opportunity for peer learning which is an extremely effective learning tool at this young age. This way, each child can learn though other’s strengths and interests as well as foster social skills needed to grow throughout their lifetime.

Reading is an important part of the kindergarten experience. So, your child will be immersed in our language and literacy program. Through this program, your child will discover how to link sounds to letters of the alphabet. At the same time, he or she will participate in exercises that develops the dexterity needed to write each letter with correct form. As your child masters the alphabet they will enjoy learning to read through our guided reading program (GRP).